Your style blog dedicated to the lovely Amanda Steele, aka makeupbymandy24. Feel free to ask me to find any exact outfits or to make inspired outfits!
"Can you please find me the link to the shirt she's wearing in her 'Common white girl tag' PLEASE I NEED IT OMG" —Anonymous

Hey guys, I’m back!

Just here to say hi :) I know I really haven’t been active in FOREVER but if you guys want I can continue posting!

hey guys!

i’m sososososososo SO sorry that i haven’t updated this blog in FOREVER. I just recently started school and the homework has been suffocating me hahahah. I kind of started to neglect this tumblr and I’m so soso sorry :( I will try to continue posting again if you guys want me to! send in any requests you might have and i’ll do my best okay? i love you all so much <3 -owner of the blog

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"i found the circle skirts and thanks for replying ily <3" —laurabeauty34

that’s good to hear! glad you found this blog helpful :) <3

"You can also get cute circle skirts from American apparel" —Anonymous

^^^^ :)

"In her last eat video where did she get her cardigan from and can you post a link to it" —Anonymous

it’s from brandy melville but it’s currently unavailable online :(

"do you know any store where you can get circle shirts ? just not brandy melville bc i dont have one by me ." —laurabeauty34

circle skirts you mean? you can get them at forever 21 or nordstrom! anywhere really!

"Your. Blog.😊 Your the reason that I sit in my room all day looking on tumblr but I absolutely love your tumblr so it makes it worth it!" —Anonymous

i love you <3


Amanda’s EXACT school bag (in black): [x]

"Hii well, I want to know where Mandy buy her clothes? I love how she dresses lol so yeahh thanks :**" —love-is-love-true-love

You can go on her youtube channel and see that most of her hauls are from Brandy Melville, Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, American Apparel, etc :)

EXACT flannel from her Back To School video: ->[x]

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"Can you help me find or link me Amanda's Urban outfiters flannel she wore in the back to school outfits/hair/makeup videos? Thanks :) xx" —Anonymous

done x

"How much money do u think I need to buy most of Amanda's wardrobe lol" —Anonymous

definitely a lot LOL

"What do you think are Amanda's wardrobe essentials?" —Anonymous
  • High waisted shorts
  • Black skinny jeans (for when you don’t want to wear leggings, but you still want that look, ya feel?)
  • Crop tops that are easy to pair

and definitely everything Brandy Melville! 

there could be more but I’m drawing a blank right now. hope this helps x

"this is probably my fav tumblr ever. 😘" —la-hearts

thank you so much <3